Testimonials and References

Kacee is one of the most impressive strategic relationship people we know. She has consistently built great product and service offerings from her company, and she is a master at finding innovative, win-win solutions that help her company and her customers in mutually beneficial ways. She is a quick study on deep technology concepts, and she develops expertise very quickly. She is a tenacious marketing and sales executive, and an absolute joy to work with.”

~Doug Sleeter, Founder/President, The Sleeter Group

Kacee skillfully combines deep domain knowledge with solid interpersonal skills. The result is a consultant that understands not only technology and process, but also the mind of the CPA and their interactions with their clients.”

~Greg LaFollette, VP Product Strategy, CPA.com

I’ve worked with Kacee for the last 4-5 years on various projects related to our own business and our client’s businesses. Kacee is an extremely driven individual that is results oriented and customer focused. She’s extremely knowledgeable and is able to communicate quite complex technological processes in a way I, and my clients can understand. She has a great consultative style that is focused on maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. I’ve always found Kacee to be incredibly professional and a great resource to work with to help my business and my clients.”

~Damien Greathead, Vice President, Receipt Bank

Kacee is really hard to describe in some ways. I do not know what I would have done without her guidance and expertise. I still look to her for advise on different apps that I can use to benefit my clients and give them a better experience.”

~Martin Meyer, Owner, B. Meyer Bookkeeping

I would like to speak from the heart about the amazing value that Kacee has delivered to my organization and more importantly about the incredible person, the drive and the brilliant intellect that I have seen in her.

Kacee is a strategic out-of-the-box thinker and a consummate professional. She understands what it takes to run and really grow a business and how the various business components interrelate – from marketing to sales to operations and to service delivery. She is a master at messaging and aligning that with the target market(s) and helping companies gain the proper exposure through the various venues available from website design with appropriate SEO considerations, to social media, to direct and channel sales to leveraging conferences, summits and workshops and to building win-win strategic partnerships. In the business game of chess, she in total control of the board and already sees six steps ahead.

I have worked with many consultants over the last 29 years of running our businesses and as an admitted workaholic and a perfectionist, I expect a lot. Kacee, and her team at Blue Ocean Principles, have impressed me and my team at every level. She has gone above and beyond the signed contract and continues to deliver incredible value to my organization. She has engaged my team and worked effectively at every level of our organization from our COO to our Marketing Programs Manager to our Sales and Client Services staff.

Kacee is a pleasure to work with and is always on – emails are responded to in minutes at all hours of the day. Significant content that is sent her way is distilled quickly and responded to with clear, thoughtful and deep insights into what works and what doesn’t with an explanation of “why” – delivering an incredible learning opportunity as we execute on our marketing and sales initiatives. Through her incredible work ethic and the tremendous value that she continues to deliver, she has won me over as a client for life. Simply stated – Kacee is a Stand-Out!

~Sam Saab, President, Results CRM