About Us

Executive Summary

Blue Ocean Principles offers marketing management and strategy consulting for technology vendors looking to expand market-share in the accounting community; we specialize in support of Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Operations initiatives. BOP works with key leadership teams to create strategies that will take business to the next level, and offer outsourced marketing management programs so your business can focus on the revenue generating aspects of the company.

Blue Ocean Principles enhances effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and profitability while building a better brand for your business. We give you a simplified, accelerated and a clearly defined path to success, and our approach is simple: listen to your goals, complete an assessment, and create solutions to make your company shine brighter than the rest! Learn more about why Blue Ocean Strategy as a business model.

Kacee Johnson, MBA

With 10 years of hyper-focused experience in accounting technology, Kacee Johnson has forged the way for numerous cloud providers in global market penetration. She is a strategic consultant and speaker on topics including business development, marketing, sales and cloud solutions at Accounting, Business, Legal and Technology conferences globally.

As the Founder of Blue Ocean Principles, a company that assists vendors in strategic market penetration to the accounting profession, Kacee works with both enterprise and start-up tech companies to help them better understand the accounting space, create pragmatic strategies for growth initiatives, and foster community engagement.

In 2018 Kacee joined the CPA.com team (an AICPA corporation) as Strategic Advisor to the Executive team where she works collaboratively with the vendor and thought-leader community. She also helps to develop thought leadership content for mass distribution, and organizes key high-level events for C-suite leaders.

Kacee has been awarded the CPA Practice Advisor Magazines Top 40 Under 40 award since 2012 with designation under the Top 20 Under 40 Superstar Professionals in 2016 and 2017. She has been a member of the distinguished Top 25 Thought Leaders Symposium group since 2017, and is listed among the Most Powerful Women in Accounting.

Kacee is a member of the Information Technology Alliance (ITA) and the American Marketing Association (AMA). She lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and daughter, where she is active in cleaning up the beaches, mentoring young professionals, and advocating for women in business and technology leadership roles.



Partner with every client to not only achieve their goals but to enhance effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and profitability using technology and forward thinking ideologies. We strive to enable our clients to focus on billable hours and revenue generating tasks, while we take care of the analysis, planning and implementation.

Core Values

Blue Ocean Principles is committed to proliferating success through 5 key values:

  • Valued Relationships –clients, partners, and ourselves will always be heard and valued.
  • Innovation –thinking outside the box will create a new market space and help set our clients apart, thus making the competition irrelevant and pricing models uncontested.
  • Integrity -regardless of how competitive a market space is, business shall always be run with a moral code and we will never disparage our competition or our clients competitors to get ahead.
  • Optimization and Elevated Growth –Working with our clients to define clear short and long term goals will allow us to analyze the most efficient ways to utilize resources to succeed, and create new ways to yield high-growth.
  • Respect and Teamwork -5 minds are better than 1 and all ideas are valuable to the total package. For a company to be successful we must work with the team to grow them individually and get total buy-in to the new solutions. With that, the team and company will be successful together.

Blue Ocean Principles is a member of the AMA and Information Technology Alliance (ITA).