• 2017 Marketing Trends for Business Development

    When it comes to which 2017 marketing trends to capitalize on, SEO, mobile optimization, social media, video, in-app advertising and of course trendjacking are all the top modes of reaching new prospects that marketers will want to consider.  When the internet was in its infancy those trying to strike it rich focused on e-mail marketing which unfortunately lost some of its effectiveness due to spammers. It was their hopes that if they could get their message out to as many people as possible they would make money.  And guess what, they did.

    The problem with this however is that people got annoyed, so now marketers have moved on to different ways to connect. In the year 2017 things have changed yet again and as marketers we need to pay close attention to these changes in trends, adapt to them and think outside the box in order to make them work for our businesses.
    Below you will find the top 2017 marketing trends that will be important in implementing to your business’ marketing strategy:.

    • 2017 Marketing Trend #1 – Mobile

    Mobile optimization for your website is not an option anymore. It is paramount to success. I can tell you as a consumer myself, every time I go to a site that requires me to use my fingers to zoom in and out, or if they have a menu that is not mobile friendly – I close out and move on.   Mobile technology, 2017-marketing-trendsapps and the consumption of information on our cell phones and other mobile devices have come to stay.  When you go out into the real world and look at people what is the one thing that you see?  For me I see people with their heads down and their eyes glued to something on their phones.  It is estimated that people in the US spend at minimum two hours a day just staring at their mobile devices.  On top of that, a key element of the Google algorithm in ranking your website to page 1 is mobile optimization.

    • 2017 Marketing Trend #2 – Social Networks

    The way that we consume content and interact with people has changed greatly in the last sixteen years.  What used to be ruled by e-mail has now been transformed into social networks and messaging apps.  When it comes to social networks and your content marketing trends you want to focus on posting to them daily. You could sign up for 15 different social sites, but if you don’t post to them it actually hurts more than it helps, so pick a few main ones that have high traffic to the target demographic you are trying to reach like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube as it is better to have a few that you can do really well verses having many that are stagnant.

    When we engage in social networks we are seeing into the world of our customers like nothing before.  We have a world of photos, videos, thoughts and what they like. Social isn’t about selling. It is about engaging and creating a community. So don’t expect a whole lot of direct new sales conversions via social if you are a professional service. Instead, look at it as business development to retain current clients and educate a community. You can also use social to jack trends (trendjacking) to find new clients interested in a trending topic that you have value to add to the conversation on.

    • 2017 Marketing Trend #3 – Having a purpose

    The dynamic shift in the way we reach people has also changed the buying behaviors of clients. The organizations that sail to the top are now client-centric businesses that have a purpose. It is critical that you focus on a specific niche and a clearly defined brand voice.  The world has changed and we are constantly being bombarded with messages, hashtags, websites, Facebook like requests and so much more.  With all of this content and the at our fingertips, to stand out from the crowd you must know your clients needs/wants and speak their language.

    • 2017 Marketing Trend #4 – Video, Video and more Video

    Video is one of the fastest growing marketing mediums and if you don’t have a video marketing strategy you are going to be left in the dust in 2017. When it comes to content video is probably the greatest way to deliver content that is visually appealing to an audience.  Sites like YouTube stream over a billion hours of video every day and with Facebook live you can stream your message instantly by embedding within a post. The average person will watch at least an hour of some from of streaming video per day. Anything from YouTube videos, Facebook, Netfiix, Amazon Prime or even a private network stream.

    • 2017 Marketing Trend #5 – Create powerful teams and workflows

    Unfortunately everyone thinks they are an expert when it comes to digital and social marketing which leads to alot of noise but not necessarily valued content.  Working with people who understand trends, targeted keywords and what the target audience you are trying to attract will get you much further than just lots of garbage being put out there. This is why it is vital to your marketing that you find and build a team that works well together and can produce.

    Developing a workflow is also critical.  You can setup alot of systems and have a strategy but if there is no system to track that workflow and ensure tasks are completed, then there is no way to measure success.

    • 2017 Marketing Trend #6 – Content is king

    No matter what type of content you decide to create for your brand,  writing skills are a must.  If your writing skills are not up to par than your videos will not flow well, blog posts will read poorly and social media content will lack the desired impact. Writing it isn’t always about creating a novel or getting followers, it is about educating on a topic that you can add true value to the conversation and connect with an audience either via emotions or intellect. For example, if you are writing a headline for a specific product you can write that headline in a number of ways.  You can write it so that you make the person happy, give them confidence, hope, or you can instill fear.   You can write it to create urgency or you can keep it mellow and toned down.  It will all come down to the writing style that suits not only you but your audience and the topic at hand. Just remember that content is king and getting your message out there is the first step.

    2017 marketing trends are all about learning and studying your potential customers.  Understanding what makes them tick so you can connect with them. We can give you the tools but implementing them can sometimes be too cumbersome. We can help, contact Blue Ocean Principles a full stack marketing agency for your free consultation today.

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